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Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible: Mary’s Song of Jesus’ Coming Birth

[ad_1]   Editors note: Did you know that Mary’s song of Jesus’ coming birth in the book of Luke echoes some of the same themes

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Majestic Jesus, Prince of Peace

[ad_1] Majestic Jesus, I come joyfully into Your Presence, my Prince of Peace. I love to hear You whispering the words You spoke to Your

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{Featured} 9780310104865 9780310104889 9780310104957 9780718039875 9781400224388 Forgiving What You Can’t Forget Forgiving What You Can’t Forget OBS Forgiving What You Can’t Forget Online Bible Study Leviticus 19:18 Luke 11:4 Luke 23:8-9 Luke 4:28-30 Luke 6:22 Luke 6:27-28 Luke 6:35–36 Lysa TerKeurst Mark 12:29-31 Matthew 18:21-22 Matthew 5:11 Matthew 5:38-42 Matthew 5:7 Matthew 6:12 Matthew 7:1–2 The Forgiveness Journal: A Guided Journey The Shema What Did Jesus Say About Forgiveness? Women

What Did Jesus Say About Forgiveness?

[ad_1] (And a confession: why I need this next Online Bible Study but have been avoiding it like the plague.) There are a lot of

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Finding Jesus in the Story of Creation

[ad_1]   The entire Old Testament points to the coming of the Messiah in the New Testament. We find this from the very first letter

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