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admin July 20, 2021

You want deeper Bible study and less chit chat. I get that. But you want community + connection so you need time for chit chat. I get that. You… Source link

admin July 13, 2021

How will I do it all? How do I balance life and family and work? I don’t believe in balance. I don’t believe in balance because I cannot find… Source link

admin July 8, 2021

In Your presence is fullness of joy. — Psalm 16:11 NASB “I need a leaf blower. But for people.” I chuckled when I saw that line on a tea… Source link

admin June 30, 2021

A Prayer to Level Up Skill with Love Father, You are the giver of every skill I have.Forgive me when I’ve allowed Your giftTo inflate my own ego or… Source link