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admin September 17, 2021

  In the United States, the dimensions of a typical prison cell are approximately six by eight feet, encased in steel or brick walls. One solid… Source link

admin September 8, 2021

  Do you have a photo of your spouse, significant other, or children as your phone background, eager to show them off at the first opportunity to… Source link

admin August 25, 2021

  My family recently moved to a new home on the south side of Nashville. “New” is probably a little misleading, but what can I say? It’s… Source link

admin August 11, 2021

  Editor’s note: All men have the common ground of facing some level of sexual temptation or discontent — whether married or single. In the… Source link

admin August 8, 2021

  The great problem of the earth and the great aim of the masculine journey boil down to this: when can you trust a man with power? ~ John… Source link

admin July 21, 2021

Fear Frenzy You’ve probably heard that fear of public speaking is one of the greatest fears in our society. That doesn’t come from some random… Source link

admin July 14, 2021

Every culture has its ideal vision of masculinity. Sociologist Erving Goffman once wrote, “In an important sense there is only one completely… Source link

admin July 7, 2021

Turn Over Control to God How do we do that? How do we turn over the control  of our lives to God as Jesus did, and as Jesus invites us to do?… Source link