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admin January 16, 2021

Since our nation’s very first days, God’s greatest movements in our midst have been fashioned and sustained by prayer, from the signing of our earliest… Source link

admin January 12, 2021

    “Me, a princess?” “You are the legal heir.” “I never lead anyone.” “We will help you to be a princess, to rule. If you… Source link

admin December 28, 2020

  God invites us to pray in such a way that it scares what is scared within us. If you are not praying the type of prayers that scare you, they… Source link

admin December 25, 2020

We love Him because He first loved us – and demonstrated that love on the cross.   Anything we receive with no expectation of payment is a gift. … Source link

admin November 30, 2020

Time Alone with Jesus   Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. — Luke 5:16 Often when I am under stress and pressure, I feel one of… Source link