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admin March 15, 2020

Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News How does He differentiate between the sheep and the goats, the blessed and the cursed? By… Source link

admin March 8, 2020

It is no mistake that you were born into this time, this generation. God marked out your appointed time in history and the boundaries of… Source link

admin February 20, 2020

It is written that God made man in His image. There are many references in the Bible that depict God as having wings. This is a… Source link

admin February 8, 2020

What we see depends mainly on what we are looking for. If we’re in a bad mood, we may grumble and complain about all the problems in… Source link

admin February 2, 2020

God appointed Moses to lead His people out of Egypt. For over 400 years they were enslaved but God heard their cries and delivered them…. Source link

admin January 1, 2020

Years ago I went through a very difficult time. People I loved died suddenly and God felt very far away. It was like He had forgotten and… Source link

admin December 15, 2019

Since ancient times, crowns have symbolized royalty, power, honor, righteousness, victory, and glory. When John saw the glorified Jesus,… Source link

admin November 27, 2019

By Guest Author on November 27, 2019 • ( 0 ) By Lyle Rapacki Six years ago my article: “Thank You Lord for Thanksgiving!”… Source link

admin November 21, 2019

Fear and anxiety work as hooks, lures, and traps. The Devil uses these emotions as bait to entangle and paralyze men. To avoid this… Source link